INOSIM License Types

To be able to cover different customer profiles, INOSIM is offering several types of license. They have in common that a dongle (USB stick) has to be used to authorize any INOSIM user. Furthermore, in all cases the INOSIM software has to be installed on one or several computers first before the dongle-based licenses can be applied.

The following license types can be purchased:

  • INOSIM Stand-Alone License:
    Here the software is licensed by a USB dongle. When a different PC is to be applied, the software may be used there as well after the dongle has been plugged in. Thus the license is not coupled to a distinct user or computer, instead the dongle combined with the software´s installation makes application possible anywhere.
  • INOSIM Network License:
    Here the software is licensed via the customer´s in-house computer network. Either a license dongle is connected to one of the network´s computers; or a computer-related license file is applied (both variants contain a predefined number of licenses). This computer will be the license server then, providing licenses to the clients. As soon as the software is run by a  client PC, on the server a license will be occupied, being released again when the software is closed. Of course the INOSIM software can be run on the server PC itself just as well.
    This license type is available as two versions:
    • Country License: Authorises the licensee to use the software exclusively in the country in which the license has been purchased.
    • Global License: Authorises the licensee to use the software on a global scale; this applies, no matter in which country the license has been purchased.
  • INOSIM network license borrow dongle:
    In this case, a predefined number of licenses is temporarily transferred from a network to one or several dongles. Afterwards, the licenses can be applied like a Stand-Alone License. The licenses which have been transferred are blocked on the network´s license server until being delivered back to the network when the transfer period has ended regularly or ahead of schedule.
    In contast to network licenses (without dongle), in case of a country license plus dongle, these licenses which have been transferred onto a dongle may be used on a worldwide scale. This means that employees or subsidiaries in third countries may access this license.

In addition, INOSIM software (up to version 11 incl.) optionally can be applied with process and material stream simulation SIEMENS Tecnomatix Plant Simulation as a plugin. Plant Simulation will be licensed by an extra dongle then, which can be connected to a PC or network by a USB interface.

Download: Stand-Alone or network? INOSIM License Administration Information (PDF, 186 KB)

Download: Lease or buy? INOSIM License Mode Information (PDF, 149 KB)

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