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In the year 2003, INOSIM was established. The companys´s goal was to fit out the German and European process industry with powerful process simulation software, which was still in its infancy by that time. Ever since, INOSIM has grown to become a leading enterprise in the world wide market of process simulation software, being a reference technology maker today.

Peter Balling is the man behind INOSIM. The graduate engineer in computer sciences founded the company. Before, Peter had been working for the distribution of the production simulator Plant Simulation by Tecnomatix GmbH. During that time, he recognized the German and European process industry´s urgent demand for a special, batch-oriented simulation tool. Thus, in July 2003, INOSIM began developing its first own simulator, INOSIM Batch, which step by step was advanced into INOSIM Expert Edition. Nowadays, virtually every Global Player in process industries, as well as many specialized high-tech companies, is counted among INOSIM´s customers.

Today, our range of products and solutions covers the following items:


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