At the beginning of 2011, there were a lot of significant changes at INOSIM:
  • Since then, previous INOSIM GmbH operates under the name of INOSIM Software GmbH, the reason being a massive growth of business activities which started by the launch of partner company INOSIM Consulting GmbH only one year earlier.
  • The further distribution of tasks became obvious by the choice of the new companies´ names. As parts of the INOSIM Group, they are meant to develop respectively apply high performance simulation software, thus propelling process industries. In the case of INOSIM Software GmbH, the accurate modeling of batch, piece oriented, and semi-continuous processes remains the main point of work. Meanwhile, INOSIM simulation has entered the field of bioprocessed production just as well.
  • A rebranding of products expressed the innovative approach. The approved process simulation software INOSIM Batch was turned into INOSIM Professional, which was much more than just a change of names, the new tool being able to operate platform independent. Today, dynamic object models, derived from state-of-the-art basic research, enable the new software to map continuous or batch production, even bio processing.
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