The People´s Republic of China has a population of 1,35 billion, a gross domestic product of 6.426 billion Euro, and an economic growth of ten percent per year. This country is said to be the most promising market in the world. Besides, the need for sophisticated technologies due to more efficient and eco-friendly production is growing steadily in China. Thus it is no wonder that INOSIM soon found a competent and highly motivated distribution partner for the asian market. In May, 2011, an open-ended cooperation with Chinese company FlexSci Ltd. began.
China´s capital Beijing is the domicile of FlexSci Ltd. Over the last decade, this medium sized consulting company has been specializing on sophisticated software solutions for industrial production. More than twenty experienced engineers are supervizing FlexSci´s Asian customers in the fields of simulation und visualization.
The beginning cooperation leads both partners onto new paths: Whereas FlexSci has been highly successful in goods-oriented industries such as automotive, aerospace, or wind energy, INOSIM up to now has limited their distribution of batch-oriented, bioprocessing simulators to the European and North American markets.
China´s urgent need for innovative economical and technological solutions is described by our distribution partner Allan Fang, vice president of FlexSci Ltd.: “Traditionally, engineering 'Made in Germany' is highly appreciated in Asia. With their state-of-the-art process simulation software, INOSIM provide substantial innovations to Chinese process industries. Especially under aspects of resource efficiency and quality, our country and its young and rapidly growing industry welcome such new technologies.”
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