The Baden-Baden (Germany) based iSILOG GmbH, a Breilmann Group enterprise, has joined forces with INOSIM in the Food and Beverage market. From now on, INOSIM process simulation software complements the industry solutions applied by iSILOG, providing the aspect of batch processing simulation.

iSILOG already is an experienced simulation expert in food industries. INOSIM Professional is adding high-end batch simulation performance to the solution portfolio applied by iSILOG. Hence, the range of solutions provided by iSILOG, which is now based on INOSIM Professional and Plant Simulation, is covering the complete supply chain, ranging from deliverance and batch processing up to filling and distributing the products generated. INOSIM Professional and Plant Simulation provide an optimum cooperation here, from developing first alternatives in the planning phase over implementing a new system up to simulating over the whole production process.

Dr. Thomas Strigl, Managing Director of iSILOG: “With INOSIM Professional, we complement our industry solutions by a leading high end simulator. It provides cleary arranged emulations of complex process dynamics, enabling us to access a technological advance from which our customers will surely benefit.”

Peter Balling, Managing Director of INOSIM: “Sophisticated tasks, as they are performed by iSILOG, are calling for sophisticated tools. With INOSIM Professional, we provide a tool which is unrivaled when it comes to planning procedural plants. We are very happy to have won a partner like iSILOG which has the same standards concerning efficiency and sustainability of its solutions as we ourselves have.”

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