No other process simulation software tool worldwide is providing such flexibility and openness as INOSIM Professional does. To its users, this means:

Whatever plant, whatever plant design, whatever production process, whatever materials or resources you wish to emulate - INOSIM Professional will allow it all!

For example, material data simulation:
Other process simulation manufacturers provide predefined materials consisting of fixed basic components and thermodynamical phases.   INOSIM Professional is providing this, too. But moreover, for any material model you can define phases and components by yourself. Thus it is not the software which defines the materials that can be simulated, but the user himself does.
No other process simulation software is offering bio parameters for the simulation of life science processing.   INOSIM Professional is supporting all kinds of life science data, applying them within simulation models. Even qualitative parameters like color or smell flow in to the simulation.
For example, the model library:
Any process simulation software manufacturer is providing black box models for current chemical process engineering. Shortcut models for bio engineering are only offered by limited amount, if at all.

  Besides extended black box models for chemical process engineering, INOSIM Professional is offering a constantly growing number of short cut models for chemical processing and bio engineering.
One more important feature of INOSIM Professional is a model editor allowing to apply (or change) implemented models as well as programming customized models.
Further examples:
The crucial production aspect of scheduling is not regarded in the context of the simulation by our competitors.   By good reasons, scheduling is a core competence of INOSIM Professional. Virtuallly all constraints of the real plant, such as failure or maintenance, can be regarded within the simulation model and can be evaluated by using statistical methods.
All process simulation manufacturers are supporting cost calculations, with our competitors focusing on investment costs.   Besides calculating investment costs, INOSIM Professional is even considering operational costs. These costs can be calculated in detail for material, equipment, plants, or staff.
None of our competitors is offering simulation of basic conditions or of production environment.   Statistical Analysis in INOSIM Professional is simulating unpredicted events in the production environment: Failure, maintenance, or the order situation. Multiple simulation runs with differing parameters make sure for realistic results.
None of our competitors is offering systematical, automatical optimization of the simulation model.   INOSIM Professional provides an optimization algorithm. It allows, for example, to optimize order sequences, leading to the fastest and most economic production order – a special benefit for multi-purpose or multi-product plants.
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