Today the technology for the use of biogas in traffic, electricity, and heat is technologically mature. However, the gas is seldom used compared to fossil fuels. Up to now biogas cannot be produced economically enough to be able to compete with energy sources like oil, natural gas, coal, or even nuclear power.

Releaf is provided by a new procedure which has been developed by maxbiogas GmbH in Marienwerder, Germany. It makes herbal fermenting leftovers, lignified biomass, and agragrian residue from the first step of the biogas production accessible as raw materials for a second production step. Thus the efficiency of biogas plants can be increased from approx. 50% up to 100%.

In order to clear if the application of the new procedure is promising in the industrial scale, a virtual model of the maxbiogas technology was generated with INOSIM Professional. The simulation showed that a pure scale-up of the lab process would not lead yet to economic results. After that, INOSIM and maxbiogas together optimized the process up to economic efficiency.

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