Over more than a decade, the process simulation INOSIM Professional has proved itself successfully in industry and research. Within this period, our software´s functional range and performance have been steadily growing. So it became time for a differentation. With our new product portfolio, we are offering tailor-made solutions for several areas of application, supporting you in process development and plant design.

INOSIM Process Edition
  • Process Development
  • Process Optimization
INOSIM Process Edition offers a comprehensive library of general and detailed unit operations for process engineering. Based on these models, it becomes possible to determine mass and energy balances, for both batch and continuous production processes. The library´s variably graded levels of detail allow a continuous modeling of processes, even in very early project phases.
INOSIM Plant Edition
  • Plant Dimensioning
  • Production Logistics
  • Material Flow Analysis
  • Maintenance and Failure Management
To answer questions of process logistics by means of material flow analysis, INOSIM Plant Edition provides you with an extensive range of functions: Generate detailed plant lay­outs; detect consequences of failures even in the run-up; benefit from comprehensive cu­sto­mi­zing options. In doing so, you quantify and evaluate the effects of your planned actions even before these become realized in your production.
INOSIM Expert Edition
  • All Applications Above
  • Research/Development
INOSIM Expert Edition contains the full functionality of both INOSIM Process Edition and INOSIM Plant Edition. Hence it is the tool of choice for all users who will not only apply process development and material flow analysis, but wish to go beyond.

Please also note that our proven Plug-Ins for process simulation (INOSIM Gantt, INOSIM Statistical Analyzer, INOSIM Optimizer, INOSIM Cape-Open Interface) have become further optimized, too. Of course they all can be applied together with each of the three variants of our new product portfolio.

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