With professional experience and competence, the bavarian medium-sized company SAV Leonhard Schliersmaier from Flintsbach/Inn, Germany, designs pharmaceutical plants for industry and pharmacies. After extended tests last year, SAV now has purchased a license of INOSIM Plant Edition for own use.

With the aid of INOSIM Software, SAV generates customized process simulations, aiming to optimally utilize the production lines of its customers. To achieve this, simulation data are detected, then prepared and analyzed. Thus a data base is created for capacity and staff planning, the material and resource demand, and the timely forecast of failures or bottlenecks.

Process simulation enables the optimization of existing or designed production plants already in the planning phase. The processing of the virtual production is drafted in recipes. Due to a customer´s individual requirements, different degrees of detailing can be realized. The results of the simulation influence the model validation, hence leading to an optimally designed production plant.

The benefits of simulation for the SAV customers are obvious: Analysis and evaluation of existing plants becomes possible, as well as the definition of plant capacities or the optimal coordination of single production elements. Resulting are statements on the cost effectiveness, bottleneck analyses, and an integrated failure and maintenance management.

Further details on the application of INOSIM Software at SAV Schliersmaier are available on the SAV Homepage (only in German).

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