Development of Packaged Goods Simulation Starts
During the bottleneck analysis of chemical and pharmaceutical factories, not only production itself is focused, but even supply and delivery. This includes the handling of packaged goods, like barrels and big bags, and the bundling of such goods as palettes. To be able to display this aspect even with INOSIM software tools, the development of a distinct toolbox for package goods simulation is started by INOSIM in April, this year. The realization of this task is projected with the help of recipe modules, an approach that has already been applied successfully with the process toolboxes of INOSIM Process Edition and INOSIM Expert Edition. Examples for the new recipe modules of the packaged goods toolbox are the removal of a barrel from a storing position, the emptying or filling of this barrel, or the routing of this barrel to a new position.

File-Based Databases
Until now, all simulation projects had to be saved in central databases on the hard drives of each user´s PC. This procedure made regular backups and careful savings of each project status necessary. With the new, file-based databases, beginning with version 12, simulation projects will be saved in standardized files (MDF format). At the program start, the user selects a file-based database for further modeling. Thus, database structure and data security are maintained. This simplifies the handling of simulation projects (saving, versioning, transfer), at the same time eliminating possible failure sources.

Opening Multiple Instances of INOSIM
Grounded on the file-based databases, from version 12 on multiple instances of INOSIM can be run at the same time. This means that the software can be applied by multiple windows on the user interface parallely. Optionally, one or several projects can be opened at the same time. This improves the usability of INOSIM furthermore. For example, a user can have a model calculating while in a parallel window another model is edited. The istallation of INOSIM on a second PC, which until now used to be necessary for such purposes, is now dispensable.

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