Every two years, the congress of the French Chemical Engineering Society (Société Française de Génie des Procédés, kurz SFGP) takes place. At this year´s meeting in Nancy (7/11-13/2017), INOSIM took part in the poster show and presented a lecture. For the first time this year, a day of German-French Partnership was organized by SFGP together with German DECHEMA as part of the meeting.

Despite strong competitors in the lecture programme (temporarily eight lectures were held at the same time), around fifty visitors came to  INOSIM´s presentation. Katrin Brandt spoke on Processing Woody Biomass – Pilot Plant And Simulation Prove Feasibility and Profitableness. Her performance on simulation-based scale-up with the help of process simulation software INOSIM Process Edition (by the example of an innovative process concept to accessing woody biomass from pilot plant to mini plant scale) was highly welcomed by the participating experts. Afterwards, the presented process concept as well as the simulation technology involved were discussed intensively by the visitors.

In the poster show, which was provided parallely, INOSIM demonstrated the subject Material Flow Analysis of Large-Scale Bioprocesses. The powerful options of process simulation software INOSIM Plant Edition with material flow analysis for the identification of bottlenecks within a production plant and its supply and waste removal chain were introduced here.

For more information on the event, please see the homepage of the SFGP.

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