Gantt Chart
Until now, INOSIM provided a Gantt viewer as an autonomous program which was started additionally, out of the simulation application. In the future, the Gantt chart will be an integrated feature of the simulation application itself. During development, a lot of interesting and helpful features have been implemented.

Compared to the old Gantt viewer, the following improvements are projected for the new solution:

  • Changes of unit or resource names are automatically transferred to the Gantt chart views.
  • Display of material properties
  • In the future, graphs will be displayed including their units of measure by default.
  • The display area will automatically apply the simulated period.
  • For  the displayed period, the zoom functions will be extended.
  • Loading times and storage allocations of the Gantt chart will be highly reduced due to the new software architecture.

COM Interface
The COM Interface allows to connect INOSIM with external programs, which includes starting the simulation out of other tools (e. g., Excel, Matlab, etc.). To be able to optimally benefit from file-based databases, new features ware added to the COM interface:

  • Creation of new databases
    New databases can be created as .mdf files, being used afterwards for the simulation with INOSIM.
  • Import of projects
    Projects can be imported, being used afterwards for the simulation with INOSIM.
    Hence, users will not only be able to start a specific default project out of external programs; it will also be possibly to start any project which for example shall be processed automatically.

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