Excel-Reports from Basic
Up to now, result reports from the simulation in Excel format could be opened by a dialog in the menu toolbar. This feature remains available, but in the future will be complemented by the option to call up report data as virtual basic objects. The data can be freely formatted by the users. By the new feature, the INOSIM report handling has been improved further. Hence it becomes easier to create reports in series, or to customize reports due to specific information needs.

Enhanced Usability
INOSIM for years has been successful improving our user interfaces. In this regard, critics and suggestions from our users have always been welcome. This strategy is maintained in our new version, with features like these:

  • Print function
    For the printing of layouts, master recipes, recipe modules, and Gantt charts, new design options for users have been created. Each project by now can be furnished with its own logo (image file). By using data from the INOSIM properties dialogs, each project description can be easily updated with additional information.
  • New, intuitive buttons
    Together with a layout update to Windows 10, many buttons and symbols have been redesigned aiming for better usability. This concerns the INOSIM menu toolbar, the layout and recipe editors, and the INOSIM database.
  • Extended error messages in case of deleted controls
    When to an object a control is assigned which has been deleted in between, by the new INOSIM version an error message is displayed showing the control´s name, the object concerned (e. g. unit operation, unit), and the type of control.

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