INOSIM And The Art Of Archery
“Zen in the Art of Archery” is the title of a famous book. In Japanese Zen meditation, it´s all about being here and now, completely relaxed. Success, it is said, will come automatically then.

Archery also stood in the center of this year´s INOSIM summer party in Dortmund. Once a year, mostly in late summer, we enjoy a day together, celebrating the latest successes with fine food and some outdoor activities.

While handling bow and arrow, first-time for many, one could learn a lot about the world and oneself. Hence, that some right-handers might be well advised to shoot left-handed, since in this case all comes down to the targeting eye. Or that some targets require indirect aiming if you intend to hit precisely.

At the end of the game, only winners were left (let beside some bursted balloons, or damaged beasts made of plastics). And so, completely relaxed, at the same time focused and with a versatile team in the back, each of us is looking forward  to approaching the upcoming duties.

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