Multi-core processing with the new INOSIM Gantt
Modern PCs regularly provide microprocessors with multiple processing units within a single CMP. This allows to increase performance and speed of the computer without need for higher clock frequencies. In practice, though, this advantage can only be used when the programs applied are adapted to this new technology.
Hence, while developing the new INOSIM Gantt, special attention was given to the multi-core ability of the application. At the same time, the Gantt chart was integrated as a sub-window of the INOSIM software. Before, INOSIM Gantt has been a stand-alone application. By the new architecture, performance and speed of the Gantt chart could be furthermore improved. This advantage is crucial when simulation results are anayzed through graphical display.

New timeline function of INOSIM Gantt
Temporal aspects of the simulation can be made visible comfortably with the new INOSIM Gantt timeline function: it provides a “magnifier” for viewing defined periods of the simulation by simple mouse click. Hence, fast and detailed viewing, even of very short periods, is enabled by “endless” zoom, providing the complete width of the chart frame. And a new mouse click will allow fast and comfortable selection of further periods for analysis.

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