After successful research in biotechnology, INOSIM has been able to put its simulation software on a broader base. Hence, in the field of biochemistry, we came across metabolic processes in the human body. As a first pilot project, we chose Heme synthesis, since this process remarkably resembles basic processes known from chemical industry. Via the Porphyria Center of Klinikum Chemnitz and the Berlin Charité, we happened to contact the Berlin Liver Ring.

In case of the consequences of the genetic defect for Heme synthesis which we examined, the human liver´s metabolism is impaired. As for the human liver, there are many more diseases – Hepatitis, Fatty Liver, Cirrhosis, Cysts, and others. With the Berliner Liver Ring, laymen and experts are engaged – mostly honorary – in advising and treating persons affected by those diseases. They give their time, their labour, and their expertise. Hence, to us it was natural to promote their work with regular funding. The Berlin Liver Ring´s appeal for funds is hereby passed on to whom it may concern.

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