Further Development Of The Piece Goods Simulation
After having started concept design in spring last year, the concept was introduced to the users in may, quickening high interests. Hence, all interested customers were invited to inform us about their demands concerning peace good simulation. Thus it became possible, to integrate industrial demands right from the development´s beginning.

In autom, last year, the next interim state was presented to interested users then. The piece goods model library now covered eight modules. This allows, fo example, the following operations on piece goods:

  • Taking from sources
  • Filling
  • Emptying
  • Transportation over a stretch of way
  • Shifting into storage
  • Re-taking from storage
  • Decanting from one piece good element to another
  • Or even, after final use, disposing a piece good element into a sink

Afer small modifications with the elements, the first test series with volunters from our customers started in november. In between, the development is progressing, with (e. g.):

  • A module which allows piling up piece good elements (e. g., several barrels on a pallet)
  • or genearting custom attributes for the piece good elements

The release of the next interim state is schedule for second quarter, 2018. Further volunteers to the tests are welcome!

Simplified Installation
With version 12, installation of INOSIM becomes even more user-friendly. The database installation has been integrated to the application´s installation routine. Furthermore, fully automated installation is an option now. After installing, the editions available (Expert, Plant, Process, Runtime) are displayed in the start menu. For their easy distinction, different program icons are applied.

Do you still have questions or want more information? Then please contact us!


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