In Germany, almost everybody knows them: the orange-colored rescue helicopters named “Christoph”, covering almost every part of the country with their air rescue service. In case of road accidents or severe illness, these helicopters can be on spot promptly, often providing lifesaving aid.

Special booster clubs like the Luftrettungszentrum Christoph 29 in Hamburg, Germany, operate and coordinate the air rescue service. They had the idea to introduce even kids to the tasks of first aid using a special instruction book. For, in the first place, already children have to be informed about the requirements of first aid situations, before help is on the way. And, secondly, making youngsters aware of the subject fosters youth development in the macrosocial duty of emergency rescue. Hence, the Hamburg initiative resulted in developing a painting and learning book for pre-school and primary school kids, by which the subject is taught appropriately.

INOSIM, while promoting schools in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, came, amongst others, into contact with the Hamburg air rescuers. To INOSIM, it is a pleasure to help realizing and spreading the specialized book „First Aid For Kids – Air Service“ (available only in German) as a sponsor.

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