Special Symbols For Packaged Goods Simulation
In addition to the further development of the Packaged Goods Simulation, the Layout frame provides the following new symbols now:

  • Conveyor Belt (Category: Transport)
  • Elevator (Category: Transport)
  • Forklift (Category: Transport)
  • Stacker (Category: Transport)
  • Barrel (Category: Storage)
  • Bigbag (Category: Storage)
  • Container (Category: Storage)
  • Source (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Sink (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Store (Category: Storage)
  • Filling Station (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Packaging (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Stack Palette (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Unstack Palette (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Stack General (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Unstack General (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Distribution (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Labeling (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Workstation(Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Decanting (Category: Packaged Goods)
  • Discharge (Category: Packaged Goods)

INOSIM Viewer License
The Viewer License is a license type nearly exclusively for viewing simulation results without editing. It is applied to view models, display existing simulation results, and generate reports. Simulation, optimization, statistical analysis, and changing parameters is not possible. Only projects can be imported, renamed, and deleted.

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