Impressions From The INOSIM User Day 2018

This year´s INOSIM User Day took place in October, 10, 2018, in Dortmund, Germany. Experienced users were around, together with new customers and prospects of INOSIM software. According to prior years, the User Day was organized as a workshop, being embedded in a framework programme which provided culinary well-being and manifold communication opportunities. In detail, the following items had been planned:

  • Eve: Get-together with brewery tour and dinner
  • Seminar day: News from INOSIM, packaged goods simulation
  • Guest contributions from our customers (packaged goods simulation; plant engineering; material flow analysis)
  • Reports from INOSIM support and software development

Get Together
Tradition from Dortmund was the theme of the visitors´ get-together on the event´s eve. In the Hövels Brewery, the brewing master introduced us to the secrets of beer production. Afterwards, our guests had opportunity to enjoy several several beer types from Dortmund, together with Westphalian specialties, like Panhas, or Pfefferpotthast.

Innovations at INOSIM
The seminar day itself startet “futuristic” the next morning: Our employee Christian Sonntag gave a lecture on the newest trends and planned innovations for the INOSIM software development; Dashboards, Scheduling, Artificial Intelligence, and Predicting Simulation were appetizers towards future INOSIM developments.

Packaged Goods Simulation
Afterwards, INOSIM consultant Peer Sander gave an introduction to our new, integrated packaged goods simulation. It fit like a glove then that Dr. Katrin Brandt (Bayer AG) directly afterwards was able to report on that packaged goods module´s first practical test with her company – one more example of INOSIM´s philosophy to include our customers and their needs even during the development stage of our software.

Simulation In Plant Engineering
By his following contribution, Reinhard Knapp (Aucotec GmbH) spoke on the future of model-based engineering. He gave the participants a classification of process simulation within a suite of common engineering tools, informing highly competent about the changes and challenges of interface and workflow application in plant Engineering.

Lunch Break, Lecture On Material Flow Simulation
To help the visitors “digesting” the concentrated information, and for informal exchange, an extended midday break was to follow, including collective lunch. That was followed by another experience report held by one of our customers: Dr. Waldemar Grauberger described the process of successful resolution of productional and logistical issues which was assisted by material flow simulation at Covestro AG.

Support, Introduction Of INOSIM 12
As know from the years before, the largest part of the afternoon belonged to direct exchange between INOSIM and its customers. Our experts Torsten Hellenkamp and Christian Sonntag first received questions, feedback, and suggestions from our users related to our support. Then, our new software INOSIM 12 was in the focus, the end of development and soon-to-be delivery of which we could announce to our customers on that occasion (extensive information on INOSIM 12 is available here).

Outlook On INOSIM 13, End Of The Event
The meeting ended with an outlook on the release projected next, INOSIM 13. Priorities of the development were introduced and directly discussed with the future users – for us, an opportunity to gain valuable information for the further development of our products. We are scheduling the delivery of INOSIM 13 within a year. And then, again there will be occasion for another User Day, providing opportunity to INOSIM users and developers for exchanging information and getting to know each other even better.

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