Our research project EmKus (enhancement of the energy management of integrated smelting works by extended use of process gas and demand driven electricity generation) which is conducted by INOSIM together with Krupp-Mannesmann-Hüttenwerke in Duisburg, Germany and other partners is in good progress. Having started in 2016, the project term is four years. Targets are the energetical analysis of integrated metallurgical plants and the identification of possible savings. Methods for the flexible application of process gas also will be tested.

Despite the fact that steel production means new ground for the application of INOSIM, process simulation has already proven as useful to deal with the project´s problem definitions: Until now, the continously driven production parts of the Krupp-Mannesmann plant have been modeled with INOSIM. Thereby, productional data from the real-life plant have been transferred to the model. The plant layout covers the sections coking facility, sintering plant, furnace, steelwork, and the coking gas and furnace gas systems including their processes of energy coupling.

Furthermore, in another step a more detailed model of the steelwork section has been created. There, several ladle fleets transport raw iron which is further processed in a converter to be finally casted into raw steel. To be able to reflect such processes in the simulation, in INOSIM the semi-batch-driven furnace, batch-driven mixers, converters and casting machine as well as the ladle fleets have been modeled. From the simulation data, maintenance and heating strategies could be derived.

Apart from implementing the powerhouse burner, correct cooling curves, gas sinks with heating, and the converter gas, the modeling has been completed. As soon as these steps have been finished, the simulation model will be verified to be applied to the project´s problem definitions afterwards. Energetical analysis and comparison to reference plants then will enable a realistic evaluation of the plant´s energy efficiency. Furthermore, procedures for the plant´s load control and its participation in a Demand Side Management will be developed, so that simulation may finally lead to optimized production planning.

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