Update 12.0.6

Most changes and improvements in INOSIM 12.0.6 relate to the online help. Full access to the search function and the index of the help system is possible again without restrictions. Furthermore, some fact-related errors of the help system have been corrected. Moreover, a Gantt display bug has been fixed.

As a new feature, the index of the help system is gradually extended in the course of this year. Even now, it informs on much more central topics of the INOSIM user documentation than all versions did before (as an example, see the topic Projects with its subitems); this more comprehensive index of the help system will be completed with the upcoming updates.

A full overview of the changes made to INOSIM 12.0.6 is given to registered customers in our Support area under Software/INOSIM 12. The new update is available there for download.

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