Impressions from the INOSIM Summer Festival 2019

Some people think of go-karting as a childish activity of those with a “heavy foot”. But that´s not the truth. In reality, it´s an ambitious sport, demanding physical fitness, driving skills, and tactical art. Ready to face the challenge, a group of INOSIM employees, former colleagues, courageous partners and friends, and even a brave child joined our Summer Festival 2019 to compete on a Dortmund kart track.

The „Qualifying“ already proved that this was not a joyride. The track turned out to be demanding, the modern karts performed well so that soon the wheat separated from the chaff. While some took their pleasure in dawdling through the course, others where carrying things almost too far, driven by the craving for the winner´s trophies that were already waiting by the side of the road. Hence, after more than half an hour of grim fighting, a worthy winner was found.

Soaked with sweat, some with blisters, but everybody happy, finally we headed for a nearby Greek tavern. Here, INOSIM CEO Peter Balling summed up his personal view of the events: „Technology, top performance, courage, and high skills characterize motorsports as well as the work of INOSIM. For the future, I am sure that we will keep being engaged, be it on the racing track or with our customers´ matters.“

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