ARIC (Artificial Intelligence Center), the competence center for artificial intelligence (AI) in the Hamburg (Germany) area, was launched in September last year. The goal of the non-profit association, which includes companies and institutions from the fields of business and science, is to promote the research and application of artificial intelligence.

Jan Ruhnke works for ARIC e. V. as an expert for artificial intelligence (CAIO). The 47-year-old experienced scientist in informatics also supports INOSIM in all aspects of development and application of AI systems. In particular, our innovation topics are worth mentioning here, but also our involvement in current research projects.

The first joint action of INOSIM and ARIC was the participation in a meeting between German and Estonian companies at the beginning of February this year in Hamburg, where INOSIM Head Of Global Sales Pierre Lee was also present. At this event, a memorandum on German-Estonian cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence has been signed. The Republic of Estonia, an EU member since 2004, has been considered a pioneer and innovation driver in information technology since the country regained its independence in 1991.

From the point of view of INOSIM and ARIC, Jan Ruhnke drew a consistently positive conclusion of the Hamburg meeting: "The Estonian colleagues are implementing digital changes in real life incredibly quickly. The high level of acceptance of IT among the Estonian population is astonishing as well. During the meeting, it was impressive how openly the government representatives approached us and addressed problems and possible cooperation".

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