Even in COVID 19 times, INOSIM stays your reliable partner for process simulation and process engineering consulting services. So far, we have been able to manage the crisis well without major adjustments. Home office and web conferencing have been part of our business since our beginnings in 2005. So, for our customers, partners, and employees it was easy to adapt in this respect. Our support, web and sales services, software development, and customer care also continue in full functionality despite the Corona crisis. Of course, this also applies to our scientific research participations.

However, due to Corona there were changes and restrictions in our program of events. This year, we are relinquishing the traditional hosting of our User Day. We also have cancelled our internal summer festival with regard to the health of our employees.

For the duration of the COVID 19 phase, we have extended our training concept, now including not only face-to-face training, but also web conferencing. You can read how this has affected our users in practice in this report by an employee of ours.

To our customers and partners, we wish that you all will be able to cope well with the Corona crisis and that you will achieve your professional and private goals as well as possible, despite the restrictions. Be careful, and stay well!

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