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Competent partners help us to furthermore increase the success of our products. INOSIM Consulting GmbH is our sister company, providing process engineering services. In France, ProSim SA is our distributional and technological partner. In East Asia, R.I.S.K. CSP, South Korea, is spreading the names of our products. As for the USA, we cooperate with consulting company e2i. With German SEH Computertechnik GmbH, we are sharing many years of technological partnership.

Learn more about INOSIM Consulting GmbH INOSIM Consulting GmbH (Dortmund, Germany), our sister company, provides advice to process industries concerning process design and optimization as well as all issues around simulation technology. Operative director is Torsten Hellenkamp (graduate in Process Engineering).
Learn more about ProSim SA From Toulouse (France), ProSim SA delivers ambitioned solutions to process industries in Europe and Overseas. For more than 25 years now, the medium-sized company is one of Europe´s leading simulation software producers with customers from energy, pharma, food & beverage and many more process industries worldwide. Our cooperation links ProSim tools´ detailed process emulation with the comprehensive simulation properties of INOSIM software.
Learn more about e2i e2i has a 20 years experience in electrical and control design and offers a wide range of services, being a systems integrator that uses innovative design and quality practices to bring the best solutions possible to customers. The company provides engineering expertise with pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental systems, and life-science. Approaching each client and project with unique, extensive one-on-one consulting services throughout the design and validation process, e2i is our ideal link to the USA.

Download: e2i-INOSIM Process Modeling for Design, Analysis & Optimization

Learn more about R.I.S.K. CSP R.I.S.K. CSP is an expert in applying new technologies on process engineering. With their profound knowledge of east asian chemical industries, for INOSIM they provide a solid bridge to this part of the world. R.I.S.K. CSP focus mainly on risk prevention, which is only one aspect of our software. Hence, everyone in the area who would like to apply INOSIM products as a tool for process simulation is welcome to contact R.I.S.K. CSP.
Learn more about CEONE Infosolutions CEONE Infosolutions is a provider of IT-enabled engineering services and solutions specifically for process industries. They distribute a perfect blend of technology and expertise focusing on associates which are pioneers in their relevant industries, like INOSIM.
While offering a portfolio of services and solutions that integrate Plant Engineering and Information Technology capabilities built through years of research and development efforts, CEONE to us is a valuable cooperation partner in the Indian market.
Learn more about FlexSci Ltd. China´s capital Beijing is the domicile of FlexSci Ltd., our distribution partner in East Asia. Over the last decade, this medium sized consulting company has been specializing on sophisticated software solutions for industrial production. More than twenty experienced engineers are supervizing FlexSci´s Asian customers in the fields of simulation und visualization.
Learn more about SEH GmbH For more than 30 years now, SEH Technology is specializing in professional network solutions. Our cooperation with SEH includes the application of their myUTN-80 Dongle Server. It is used for accessing and managing dongles protecting INOSIM software across the network.
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