INOSIM at the Auditorium   Process simulation with INOSIM software is being taught at several German universities, and our products are applied within national and international research projects. Please look here for a survey of our research participations.

We are offering software licenses for academical research and education at special conditions. These cover:

  • Full versions of our industrial software
  • Complete maintenance, updates, and support
When purchasing INOSIM software licensed for academic teaching or research purposes, each academy has to commit to use the software only for the education of its regular students resp. for academic, non-commercial research. It is in particular forbidden to carry out any engineering study nor consulting service for third parties using the software, even if this would be free of charge. Application beyond purely academical research institutions, this would be for example commercial or industrial research institutions or publicly funded projects (BMBF, EU, US, etc.), is explicitly forbidden.

INOSIM teaching licenses and research licenses specify the terms of use for INOSIM software as well as the rights and duties of the parties involved. Currently, for application in teaching and research, two types of INOSIM software license agreements are available:

  • Renewable annual license: The initial duration of the agreement is one year. This period is then tacitly renewed year by year (unless the agreement is terminated by one of the parties). The license fee is payable every year, upfront, as long as the agreement is valid.
  • Long-term license: The long-term license is covering between 1 and 12 years. The license expires at the end of that period and is not tacitly renewed. The license fee requested is payable only once, upfront, for the full period.

Please use the following links to download the INOSIM academic terms and conditions as well as the agreements which are necessary for their validity (all PDF files):

Download INOSIM Software License Conditions For Academical Research (PDF, 168 KB)

Download INOSIM Software License Conditions For Academical Teaching (PDF, 173 KB)
  Download Agreement On The Application of INOSIM Software For Academical Research Purposes (PDF, 109 KB)

Download Agreement On The Application of INOSIM Software For Teaching Purposes (PDF, 108 KB)
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