Process Simulation for Product Variety and Safety   In food and beverage industries, INOSIM process simulation software is applied to design, analyze, and furthermore optimize production plants and processes. Simulation meets the following tasks here:
  • The raw materials required for production have to be supplied in time and be promptly processed then.
  • Due to the product variety desired in this industry, often a multitude of products has to be processed on only one plant.
  • Due to the variety of the manufactured products, a frequent cleaning of units is regularly required.
  • As a result of fast raw material and product expiration, production is highly endangered by plant failures and standstills.
INOSIM process simulation improves food & beverage production in the following ways:
  • To achieve timely supply and prompt processing of the raw materials, via simulation optimized supply logistics can be designed and immediately tested on screen.
  • To be able to produce a multitude of diverse products with just one plant, the operation of multi-product plants is simulated dynamically.
  • To realise short cleaning cycles, cleaning protocols are implemented to the simulation.
  • The often short lifetime of raw materials makes the production fragile to failure delay; as a compensation, with the help of the simulation a failure and maintenance management is designed.

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