Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness by Simulation   The application of our simulation technology in steel and metallurgical industries is just another example of the INOSIM process simulation software´s universalism. Our applications are used here to improve the energy management of metallurgical plants. The dynamics and interactions of several processing and production units with their energy and supply systems can be lightened by the help of simulation models, which leads to an optimization. For the energy and resource-intensive steel industry, this means more efficiency, together with a more ecological and competitive production.
In practice, it works like this: The metallurgical plant is represented in a process model and is analyzed energeticly. By this analysis, INOSIM enables the identification of possible savings. In addition, by the developed simulation environment concepts for the flexible utilization of process gas are examined. By applying simulation, thus an overall evaluation of the plant´s energy efficience becomes possible.

Furthermore, INOSIM is applied to develop procedures for the plant´s load control and its participation in a demand side management, aiming to make conclusions for an optimized production engineering. Hence, besides energy flow forecast, the simulation models are also used for method development in energy management as well as in demand side management. 

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