Training by Experts   Our sister company, INOSIM Consulting, is offering trainings in our process simulation software.

We are using self-developed, adapted didactics which emphasize your individual demand. Well-arranged learning materials and documentation support your learning success. We teach you in very small groups or ‘one to one’, optionally in our rooms or in-house at your company.

These trainings are bookable:
Subject Contents Target group Duration
Basic Training
Basics of INOSIM
Introduction to Visual-Basic programming
Generating models
Object models and controls
Experts in
process engineering
2 days
Advanced Training
Extended functions of INOSIM
Extended functions of Visual-Basic programming
Working with materials and recipe modules
Project-related model analysis
Experts in
process engineering
with basic knowledge of
2 days
Expert Training
Working on specific issues in your company Experts in
process engineering with
andvanced knowledge of

As required

In case you wish a training for several days at our Dortmund location, of course we organize comfortable accomodation, catering, and transport or parking opportunities.

Do you still have questions or want more information? Then please contact us!

Customers of INOSIM

Many of our customers* are Global Players in process industries, as well as small, highly specialized technology companies, furthermore renowned research institutes.

  Process Simulation on a Global Scale with INOSIM
Lyon (F)
Ludwigshafen (D)
Baxalta AG
Wien (A)
Bayer AG
Leverkusen (D)
Beiersdorf AG
Hamburg (D)
Bideco GmbH
Biberach (D)
Chemgineering AG
Münchenstein (CH)
Chemgineering GmbH
Stuttgart (D)
Clariant AG
Pratteln (CH)
CSL Behring GmbH
Marburg (D)
CSL Behring LLC
Kankakee, IL (USA)
Covestro Deutschland AG
Leverkusen (D)
Diabel GmbH
Frankfurt a. M. (D)
DSM Nutritional Products N.V.
Sisseln (CH)
E2i, Inc
Chicago, IL (USA)
Evonik Industries AG
Essen (D)
Fluid Solution GmbH
Norderstedt (D)
Fraunhofer Institut IML
Dortmund (D)
Henkel AG
Düsseldorf (D)
Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Basel (CH)
instrAction GmbH
Mannheim (D)
Leverkusen (D)
Kuraray Europe AG
Hattersheim a. M. (D)
Lanxess AG
Leverkusen (D)
M+W Process Industries GmbH
Stuttgart (D)
MaxBiogas GmbH
Marienwerder (D)
Mifa AG
Frenkendorf (CH)
Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH
Frankfurt a. M. (D)
Reimelt GmbH
Rödermark (D)
Roche Diagnostics GmbH
Penzberg (D)
Sanofi-Aventis GmbH
Frankfurt (D)
Sasol Germany GmbH
Hamburg (D)
SAV Leonhard Schliersmaier GmbH
Flintsbach am Inn (D)
Schering GmbH & Co. KG
Weimar (D)
Siemens AG
Frankfurt a. M. (D)
SimVisie Simulatie
Terwolde (NL)
Technische Universität Dortmund
Dortmund (D)
Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg
Hamburg (D)
VDEh Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI)
Düsseldorf (D)
VTU Engineering GmbH
Wien (A)
Wacker Chemie AG
Burghausen (D)
Worlee Chemie GmbH
Lauenburg (D)
... and many more satisfied customers.

* Customers of INOSIM Software GmbH and INOSIM Consulting GmbH are listed here.

Life is all about know-how – especially when it comes to using software! Hence, in this area we provide you with tips and tricks frome everyday practice together with expert knowledge, aiming to simplify your work with INOSIM even more.

To access our tips and tricks, please do the following:

  1. In the module Customer Login (right), sign in with your user data.
  2. Then, in the Support area, select menu Bag Of Tricks.

In menu Support/Bag Of Tricks, the following articles are waiting for you:

  • Two Ways Of Simulating Unit Failures
  • Benefit From Your Excel Knowledge While Working With INOSIM
  • Custom Curves and Properties Of Curves in INOSIM Gantt


Your Way to INOSIM

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Arrival by plane:
Your destination is Dortmund Airport DTM. Here you find bus connections to Dortmund. Furthermore, there is a car rental service at the airport. For further information, please check the Homepage of Dortmund Airport.
Process Simulation Optimizes Bioengineering   Bioengineering provides an extensive spectrum for the production of natural active ingredients. With their partially outstanding properties in pharmacy or cosmetics, these substances are offering a steadily rising market potential. But in life sciences, the road from production to the final user is not always straight. When an ingredient is produced biotechnologically, often it has to be separated from a complex mixture of other substances, followed by elaborate filtration. During filtration, regularly big amounts of waste and effluent occur. Also the energy expenditure which is necessary for the production often becomes critically high.
INOSIM process simulation software for the development and optimization of biotechnological processes allows a forecast of mass and energy balances based on little experimental data. Thus in process development, or while improving existing processes, alternative filtration steps can be evaluated anticipatory. By being able to look at the complete procedure with the help of the simulation software, you gain good chances of developing resource-saving process ideas and to increase the output of the production.

The functional range of the software includes:

  • Generation of mass and energy balances for complete production processes
  • Procedural calculation of single process steps
  • Analysis of process-comprehensive interdependencies
  • Evaluation of alternative process ideas
  • Scale-up support

A press report (only in German) about the role of INOSIM process simulation software in bioengineering is available at prozesstechnik online.

You have questions or need further information? Please contact us.


News from INOSIM  

Here you find all news about INOSIM in chronological order.


Calculating Optimal Production Schedules: The OptiProd.NRW Project
2/21/2020 | In OptiProd.NRW, the partners are developing a new software system that employs state-of-the-art methods of mathematical optimization to automatically calculate optimal production schedules. Read more ...

New Perspectives For Artificial Intelligence Development At INOSIM
2/14/2020 | A meeting with representatives of Estonian politics and economy was the first joint action of INOSIM and our new cooperation partner, the ARIC Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (Germany). Read more ...

INOSIM User Day 2019: Setting Out For The Digital Future
11/15/2019 | This year´s INOSIM User Day brought about a multitude of informative encounters between users and employees of INOSIM. The evening before, most attendees met at Dortmund´s newest attraction. Read more ...

Sustainable Production through Improved Planning: Research Proposal OptiProd.NRW Successful
6/19/2019 | In OptiProd.NRW, INOSIM cooperates with leading NRW enterprises, together with globally leading scientific experts. The project aims at a new software system which applies state-of-the-art methods of mathematical optimization and artificial intelligence to automatically compute optimal production schedules. Read more ...

Experts Join Forces For Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Process Engineering and Simulation
4/26/2019 | Modern AI technologies have the potential to enrich and transform many aspects of society, including engineering and simulation in the process industry. Read more ...

An Innovative Tool For Dynamic Scheduling
1/31/2019 | INOSIM is planning a development project with partners from industry and science. It aims to develop a software for automatic calculation of schedules which applies evolutionary algorithms. Read more ...

Innovation Topics At INOSIM: Process Simulation For A Changing World
12/5/2018 | From its beginnings, INOSIM has been known as a worldwide innovation leader in process simulation. To meet the future demands of global technology and industrial standards, we strive for further innovation. Read more ...

Entering New Ground: The EmKus Steel Project
12/4/2018 | Our research project EmKus (enhancement of the energy management of integrated smelting works by extended use of process gas and demand driven electricity generation) which is conducted by INOSIM together with Krupp-Mannesmann-Hüttenwerke in Duisburg, Germany and other partners is in good progress. Read more ...

First Joint GEA/INOSIM Workshop On Process Simulation
11/20/2018 | International experts from the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other industries and from academia met in Kopenhagen for the first joint GEA/INOSIM workshop on process simulation. Their aim was to understand how current needs and challenges in process design, analysis, and optimization can be addressed with modern process simulation. Read more ...

INOSIM User Day 2018: Lively Event
11/14/2018 | This year´s INOSIM User Day took place in October, 10, 2018, in Dortmund, Germany. Experienced users were around, together with new customers and prospects of INOSIM software. According to prior years, the User Day was organized as a workshop. Read more ...

INOSIM 12 Is Now Available: Sophisticated Process Simulation With Thought Out New Features
11/12/2018 | Now available: The new INOSIM 12. Based upon our long-standing experience with process simulation, the new INOSIM 12 provides enhanced and simplified usability, faster performance, and a multitude of thought out new features. Here´s a survey of its most important innovations. Read more ...

CSL Extends Its Portfolio Of Process Simulation Cost-Effectively
8/7/2018 | While aiming to support change and replanning projects intensively and continuously by simulation, CSL Group faced a lack of INOSIM licenses at several locations during the last months. For our customer, we found a budget solution. Read more ...

Another PhD at INOSIM: Christian Sonntag
7/13/2018 | INOSIM has a long tradition in supporting doctoral training – several of our employees have finished their PhD while working for us. Now, another one of our colleagues adds his name to this list: Christian Sonntag. Read more ...

Cost-Effective Process Simulation: INOSIM Runtime Edition
7/13/2018 | The INOSIM Runtime Edition rounds up our portfolio of sophisticated software solutions for process simulation. It complies with our INOSIM Expert Edition regarding the simulation of models. Read more ...

Digital Awakening: Achema 2018
6/18/2018 | Already during the fair´s run-up, keywords like Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Factory had made their rounds. At our booth, for the consultants and engineers of INOSIM this forecast was confirmed by many interesting discussions. Read more ...

Worlée Chemie Increasingly Applies INOSIM Process Simulation
4/10/2018 | Worlée Chemie GmbH is another highly innovative mid-size company which trusts in INOSIM products. For both enterprises, this cooperation is one more step towards industry 4.0, which means a more intelligent, more economic and more sustainable mode of production on the global level. Read more ...

INOSIM Will Show Many Innovations At ACHEMA 2018
3/22/2018 | At ACHEMA 2018 (June, 11-15, 2018, Frankfurt/Main, Germany), INOSIM will introduce some useful novelties scheduled for the upcoming software version. This includes the simulation of supply and delivery chains, which integrates support for packaged goods processes at the recipe level, and new tools for process development. Read more ...

Bringing INOSIM To The U.S. Market
2/27/2018 | U.S.-based companies can now purchase INOSIM software through E2i, making the software more accessible. E2i will provide software support, maintenance, and customized training for INOSIM users. Read more ...

TOP-REF Achieves A New Standard In Resource Efficiency
10/20/2017 | As reported repeatedly on this home page, INOSIM is a member of the European Commission´s TOP-REF Project. Now the project has ended in Barcelona with a special highlight. Read more ...

Bringing Simulation Technology To The SFGP
7/20/2017 | At this year´s meeting of the French Chemical Engineering Society (SFGP) in Nancy (7/11-13/2017), INOSIM took part in the poster show and presented a lecture. For the first time this year, a day of German-French Partnership was organized by SFGP together with German DECHEMA as part of the meeting. Read more ...

Now At YouTube: Demo Of INOSIM Plant Edition
5/29/2017 | From now on, an online demonstration of process simulation software INOSIM Plant Edition is available on YouTube. Process engineer Dominik Wolff explains our tool by the example of doubling production capacity in process engineering. Read more ...

Users Join Developers At The INOSIM User Day 2017
5/16/2017 | User participation fueled this year´s INOSIM User Day, which was held on May, 16 at our Dortmund location. Our customers, partly employees of Global Players, partly experts from specialized small enterprises, met the INOSIM team, striving for further development of our software as well as exchange of experiences. Read more ...

A New Model For Enterprises: Clariant Implements Process Simulation Corporation-Wide
3/23/2017 | Supported by INOSIM, Swiss Clariant AG breaks new ground in the way major enterprises can benefit from process simulation: A central expert team coordinates the application of the simulation tools, collecting know-how and evaluating experiences, all for the sake of the complete enterprise. Read more ...

Another Global Player Joins the INOSIM Community: Roche
1/9/2017 | By purchasing their own license of INOSIM Plant Edition, in the future Roche will be able to conduct simulation projects by themselves, thus optimizing the efficiency of the production as well as the plant performance. Read more ...

SAV Schliersmaier Applies INOSIM Software for Pharmaceutical Plant Design
10/13/2016 | With professional experience and competence, the bavarian medium-sized company SAV Leonhard Schliersmaier from Flintsbach/Inn, Germany, designs pharmaceutical plants for industry and pharmacies. After extended tests last year, SAV now has purchased a license of INOSIM Plant Edition for own use. Read more ...

INOSIM Process Simulation Finds High Resonance at ProcessNet 2016
9/20/2016 | At this year´s ProcessNET, DECHEMA´s annual meeting for process engineering and bioprocessing, INOSIM has contributed twice. Read more ...

Simulation Optimizes Production at Sanofi
5/11/2016 | The Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH belongs to Sanofi, a Global Player in the pharmaceutical industry. In its Frankfurt/Main factory, a production plant should be extended. Using INOSIM software, a simulation model was developed for that purpose. Read more ...

Process Simulation for Steel and Iron Industries
3/15/2016 | In a cooperation project with Krupp-Mannesmann, the VDEh Research Institute, and DK Recycling u. Roheisen GmbH, INOSIM is engaged in the application of process simulation in steel and iron industries. Read more ...

INOSIM Extends Product Portfolio
11/11/2015 | Over more than a decade, the process simulation INOSIM Professional has proved itself successfully in industry and research. Within this period, our software´s functional range and performance have been steadily growing. So it became time for a differentation. Read more ...

New Impulses for Chemical Engineering
10/30/2015 | At this year´s ECCE10 (10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering) and ECAB3 (3rd European Congress of Applied Biotechnology), INOSIM presented the newest solutions and services all around process simulation and process engineering. We also contributed to the framework program of the congress. Read more ...

INOSIM User Day 2015
9/17/2015 | Traditionally, INOSIM emphasizes the involvement of our software´s users. Once again this became obvious at the INOSIM User Day (9/15/2015 in Dortmund). Experienced operators had been invited, along with newcomers and also with several cooperation partners of ours. Read more ...

Setting Trends: Achema 2015
6/22/2015 | ACHEMA is the world forum of the process industry and the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology. At ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, INOSIM was around, providing a booth. Read more ...

Grey Turns Green
5/21/2015 | More than enough problems throughout Europe. But aiming to find solutions, the EU project TOP-REF has been launched fairly one year ago. In the meantime, the project partners, with INOSIM in their middle, have further developed their first approaches. Read more ...

The Right Team Player
4/22/2015 | From now on, Pierre Lee, an ESG Management School (Paris) graduate, is in charge of selling our sophisticated products and services all around process engineering and process simulation. Read more ...

Simulating Physical and Thermodynamical Material Properties
2/11/2015 | The new INOSIM Cape-Open Interface extends our tools by data and calculation methods taken from scientific databases. To you, that opens a broad new range of application options. Read more ...

European Simulation Experts Start Cooperation
1/22/2015 | INOSIM and ProSim announce their cooperation regarding development and distribution. Together they generate one of the most efficient suppliers of simulation technology in Europe in the area of process engineering. Read more ...

Biogas Production is Optimized by Simulation
9/16/2014 | Up to now biogas cannot be produced economically enough to be able to compete with energy sources like oil, natural gas, coal, or even nuclear power. In order to clear if the application of the new procedure is promising in the industrial scale, INOSIM process simulation software has been used. Read more ...

BASF applies INOSIM Software
3/24/2014 | The worldwide leading chemicals company with headquarters in Ludwigshafen has been applying material flow simulations for many years in order to emulate and control production processes. In the future, BASF SE will apply INOSIM simulation solutions on a global scale. Read more ...

Industry 4.0 and Simulation
3/10/2014 | From March 06 to 07, 2014, the 8th Conference on “Plant Engineering in the Future” by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Fabrikbetrieb und Automatisierung (IFF) took place in Magdeburg, Germany. For INOSIM, Torsten Hellenkamp was part of the panel discussion “Industry 4.0: Status and Perspectives”. Read more ...

INOSIM Researches Porphyria
3/5/2014 | In researching porphyria, a dreadful metabolic disease caused by genetical defects, INOSIM keeps being engaged. February 28, 2014, we were around at the First Symposium on Porphyria, Berlin, Germany, presenting a lecture: Katrin Sulzbacher spoke on “computer-aided simulation model of haem synthesis in acute porphyria“. Read more ...

Achieving Sustainability – The TOP-REF Project
2/11/2014 | A consortium of about thirty research partners from science and industry, coming from countries like Germany, Denmark, France, Portugal, and Spain, has met in Zaragoza (Spain) in the middle of January, 2014. Two members of INOSIM were among them. Together the experts planned the TOP-REF project which aims to improve Europe´s chemical, agrochemical, and petrochemical process industries. Read more ...

SEH Network Solutions Is New INOSIM Partner
1/15/2014 | Our cooperation with SEH includes the application of myUTN-80 Dongle Server of the myUTN (USB-to-Network) USB Device Server product line. It is used for accessing and managing dongles protecting INOSIM process simulation software across the network. Read more ...

A Quantum Leap: INOSIM Professional 10
7/31/2013 | With INOSIM Professional 10, we are offering a tool which, by its Cape-Open interface, provides new dimensions of material data simulation to industrial users. Read more ...

Ten Years of INOSIM
7/9/2013 | It is now ten years ago that INOSIM was founded by Peter Balling. His vision at that time was to provide German and European process industries with high-performance process simulation software. Read more ...

Keeping Cost and Waste at Bay by Simulation
6/12/2013 | At the the 23th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering (ESCAPE 23), INOSIM has introduced a cooperation project. Katrin Sulzbacher pointed out new approaches for a more cost-effective and environmental-friendly production by the aid of process simulation software. Read more ...

Porphyrins and Porphyrias Conference 2013
5/18/2013 | At the Porphyrins and Porphyrias Conference 2013 in Swiss Lucerne, INOSIM was represented with a professional talk. Katrin Sulzbacher reported on the opportunities of applying process simulation software for the investigation of the genetic defect Porphyria. Read more ...

GVC DECHEMA BioTech Meeting
5/13/2013 | This year's talk and discussion meeting GVC/DECHEMA (Bad Wildungen, Germany, May, 6-8, 2013) stood under the motto Efficient “Engineering and Plant Design in Life Sciences and Food Technology". INOSIM took the part of informing the vistors about applying process simulation software in process and plant design. Read more ...

14th Maintenance Symposium 2013
3/21/2013 | At the 14th symposium on maintenance, INOSIM employee Torsten Hellenkamp pointed out how to gain a comprehensive view at the failure sensitivity of a plant in process industries, regarding its units and the whole production process with the help of process simulation software. In that way, risks can be identified and calculated. Read more ...

Process Optimization Symposium 2013
2/22/2013 | At the 3rd symposium on computer aided process optimization, INOSIM employee Torsten Hellenkamp has provided a lecture. The main focus of the symposium was the optimization of chemical process operation and chemical plant design by use and application of process simulation software. Read more ...

Winter Simulation Conference 2012: INOSIM Shows Its Presence
12/13/2012 | At the 43rd Winter Simulation Conference, INOSIM was represented with a booth and two professional talks. These on the one hand were about Bio simulation, on the other hand around the possibilities provided by INOSIM process simulation software in planning and optimization of production plants in the chemical industry. Read more ...

BioTrends 2012: Sustainable Biocatalysis
12/3/2012 | During the last years, biocatalysis research has made great progress. Among other fields, this concerns bioengineering, for which INOSIM supplies high-performance process simulation software. Read more ...

INOSIM is a Promoting Force at Digital Plant Congress 2012
9/28/2012 | On September 25 and 26, 2012, Würzburg was the location of the Digital Plant Kongress 2012 which was presented by professional journal PROCESS. Over 170 expert visitors there were provided with the latest news all about the Digital Plant. The INOSIM process simulation software was subject to several contributions during the congress. Read more ...

CIB 2012: Focusing Bio-Simulation
9/27/2012 | At the 5th CIB Partnering Conference for the Industrial Biotechnology on 9/20/2012 in Frankfurt, Germany, INOSIM was represented as an exhibitor. During the conference, the application possibilities of INOSIM process simulation software in the simulation of biotechnological production processes were highly appreciated by the public. Read more ...

New: INOSIM Professional One Year License
12/7/2012 | From now on, INOSIM Professional is even available as a well-priced One Year License which is limited to one year duration each. Read more ...

Prozess Simulation Software for Europe (Interview with Peter Balling)
12/7/2012 | In August, 2012, the German professional journal PROCESS made an interview with Peter Balling. PROCESS´ leading editor Anke Geipel-Kern questioned our managing director about simulation and life science, about INOSIM´s corporate identity and our product approach as well as about the perspectives of process simulation software in a growing global market. Read more ...

INOSIM and iSILOG Join Forces
7/3/2012 | The Baden-Baden (Germany) based iSILOG GmbH, a Breilmann Group enterprise, has joined forces with INOSIM in the Food and Beverage market. From now on, INOSIM process simulation software complements the industry solutions applied by iSILOG, providing the aspect of batch processing simulation. Read more ...

New cooperation: Chemgineering Switzerland
5/23/2012 | INOSIM process simulation software is helping Chemgineering in plant layout. This simulation tool is offering far-reaching options allowing to avoid bottlenecks already in the planning stage; it makes it also possible to set up and test non-realized systems. Even while optimizing real systems, Chemgineering applies INOSIM simulation technology. Read more ...

PMA Antwerp 2012 - Sustainable Solutions for Process Industries
3/14/2012 | At the 8th Process Management Academy (PMA) on March 5 and 6, 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium, INOSIM has contributed valuable impulses once more. INOSIM employee Torsten Hellenkamp supported a workshop on Energy Efficiency. Katrin Sulzbacher reported on the benefits provided by process simulation software in research. Read more ...

Process Simulation Software for the Future
1/23/2012 | Development of the future chemical plant has just begun. INOSIM is in it right from the start. Within EU research project F3 Factory, our process simulation software is helping to find new ways towards a more sustainable production. Read more ...

Baxter AG applies INOSIM Software
1/11/2012 | Baxter International is a worldwide leading enterprise originally located in Deerfield, Illinois, USA, the group being one of the global players in pharmaceutical industries and medical engineering. INOSIM process simulation software is projected to be applied in engineering there. Read more ...

INOSIM Process Simulation Software Compared
12/1/2011 | No other process simulation software tool worldwide is providing such flexibility and openness as INOSIM Professional does. To its users, this means: Whatever plant, whatever plant design, whatever production process, whatever materials or resources you wish to emulate - INOSIM Professional will allow it all! Read more ...

SIEMENS + INOSIM Application Day 2011: The Power of Exchange
9/8/2011 | The Frankfurt/Main location of Siemens AG was the place where the first SIEMENS + INOSIM Application Day (07.09.2011) was to happen. About thirty experts from industry and science met here for talks about the practical and scientific application of process simulation software in life science and batch processing. Read more ...

Now on the Market: INOSIM Professional 9.0
8/9/2011 | INOSIM Professional 9.0 is more than just an update. Our new solution means a quantum leap: Wordwide, INOSIM Professional 9.0 is the first process simulation software specially adjusted to bioprocessing production. Read more ...

New project: CleanTech NRW
8/2/2011 | The Leading-Edge Cluster Competition of German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is aiming to foster strategical partnerships between companies, scientific institutions, and other partners. With its innovative process simulation software, INOSIM takes part in this competition. Read more ...

Process Simulation for China
5/26/2011 | INOSIM soon found a competent and highly motivated distribution partner for the asian market. In May, 2011, an open-ended cooperation with Chinese company FlexSci Ltd. began. Read more ...

Process Simulation Helps Developing Chromatographic Phases
3/24/2011 | On occasion of the current project Energy Efficiency Management, INOSIM has met a highly competent partner: The instrAction GmbH (Ludwigshafen, Germany) is an expert in developing, producing, and applying modern chromatographic phases. Read more ...

New Project Fostering Energy Efficiency
3/1/2011 | The research project “Energy efficiency management and benchmarking”, is funded by the German federal ministry of education and research (BMBF). INOSIM is involved here as a project partner of leading enterprises and institutions. Project work has started in the autumn of 2010. Read more ...

Subdivision of INOSIM into Software and Consulting
1/1/2011 | At the beginning of 2011, there were a lot of significant changes at INOSIM. Read more ...

Here you find our current events:

Here you find support for your work with INOSIM.
INOSIM Research Projects

Here you find reports about research projects in which our company or employees of ours are engaged.

Active Projects:

  Research and Development with INOSIM

Finished Projects:

We are open for any kind of R&D project, possessing long time experience in project execution. Do you still have questions or want more information? Are you looking for an innovative SME as research partner? Then please contact us.

We are offering Software for Process Simulation

Our product portfolio covers INOSIM Process Edition, INOSIM Plant Edition, INOSIM Expert Edition, and the cost-effective INOSIM Runtime Edition. As plug-ins for process simulation, we provide INOSIM Gantt, INOSIM Statistical Analyzer, INOSIM Optimizer, and INOSIM CAPE-OPEN Interface. Of all software modules, we grant Free Trial Versions. Furthermore, we offer the free INOSIM Viewer.

INOSIM Process Edition

INOSIM Process Edition

This si­mu­lation tool is ap­plied through­out pro­cess de­ve­lop­ment, en­ab­ling ho­lis­tic de­sign, com­pre­hen­sive op­ti­mi­za­tion and ac­ce­le­ra­ted time to mar­ket of pro­ducts. For each o­pe­ra­tion, INOSIM Process Edition pro­vides a ma­the­ma­ti­cal mo­del for the com­pu­ta­tion of ma­te­ri­al and e­ner­gy ba­lan­ces. Read more ...


INOSIM Plant Edition

INOSIM Plant Edition

This pro­cess si­mu­la­tion has been de­sign­ed for the lo­gis­t­ical and ma­te­ri­al flow a­na­ly­sis of sin­gle- and mul­ti-pro­duct plants. INOSIM Plant Edition needs no pro­gram­ming for ge­ne­ral mo­del buil­ding. The si­mu­la­tion in­cludes con­ti­nu­ous and batch pro­ces­ses as well as a­ny of their com­bi­na­tions. Read more ...


INO­SIM Ex­pert Edi­tion

INOSIM Expert Edition

To ex­perts in pro­cess en­gi­nee­ring, INO­SIM Ex­pert Edi­tion of­fers a broad range of mo­de­ling op­tions in pro­duc­tion, re­search, and de­ve­lop­ment. You can use de­fault re­cei­pes and e­vents, or use a Vi­sual Basic pro­gram­ming en­vi­ron­ment to a­dapt the be­ha­vior of the si­mu­la­tion to your par­ti­cu­lar pur­po­ses. Read more ...

If required, add the following Extensions



INO­SIM Gantt dis­plays your plant´s al­lo­ca­tions, to­ge­ther with the pro­ces­ses in­vol­ved, by a Gantt dia­gram. You can sur­vey ex­pe­ri­ments by dif­fe­rent views, com­pare ex­pe­ri­ments, trace the cur­rent state of pro­duc­tion or­ders, and test re­stric­tions. Thus you reach your op­ti­mum ex­pe­ri­ment. Read more ...


INO­SIM Sta­tis­ti­cal A­na­ly­zer

INOSIM Statistical Analyzer

INO­SIM Sta­tis­ti­cal A­na­ly­zer sup­ports you in ma­na­ging un­pre­dic­tab­le pro­duc­tion in­flu­en­ces. These are si­mu­la­ted by sta­tis­ti­cal dis­tr­ibu­tion func­tions. You are en­ab­led to fore­cast fai­lures of u­nits, the a­ging of ma­chi­nes or e­ven ran­dom chan­ges du­ring re­ci­pe e­xe­cu­tion. Read more ...

INOSIM Optimizer

INOSIM Optimizer

INO­SIM Op­ti­mi­zer finds op­ti­mum pro­duc­ti­on and pro­cess con­di­tions. By app­ly­ing ge­ne­ti­cal al­go­rithms, the op­ti­mum pa­ra­me­ter con­stel­la­tion is found to im­prove for in­stance tank di­men­sions, pro­duc­tion or­ders, or ma­chine u­ti­li­za­tion. The op­ti­mi­za­tion re­sult is di­rect­ly ap­plied to your al­rea­dy ex­ist­ing si­mu­la­tion mo­del. Read more ...


INOSIM Cape-Open Interface

INOSIM Cape-Open Interface

Phy­si­cal and ther­mo­dy­na­mi­cal da­ta pools can be ap­plied in INO­SIM for the cal­cu­la­tion of ma­te­ri­al pro­per­ties. A spe­cial in­ter­face al­lows to com­bi­ne our soft­ware with ac­cording ex­ter­nal da­ta­ba­ses. It sup­ports CA­PE-OPEN, a mid­dle­ware stan­dard for the im­port of ther­mo­dy­na­mi­cal ma­te­rial da­ta. Read more ...

Also available:

INOSIM Runtime Edition

The INOSIM Runtime Edition complies with the INOSIM Expert Edition regarding the simulation of models while being strongly restricted regarding model building and adjustment. Already existing simulation models may be loaded but cannot be changed structurally, e. g., neither units can be added nor recipe structures can be changed. Hence, no new simulation models can be generated. However, users can extensively adjust the input parameters of models (recipe parameters, unit parameters, Excel data …) as well as run and evaluate simulations.

The INOSIM Runtime Edition addresses users who wish to apply an already existing simulation model over the life cycle of a plant without exploiting a full license. Typical use cases cover the transfer of models into production for continuous monitoring of a plant, regular application with downstream controlling, or production planning. The models underlying such use cases may be generated or model changes may be supervised either by inhouse simulation experts or by the INOSIM Consulting GmbH.

Within the scope mentioned, the INOSIM Runtime Edition provides the same performance as the INOSIM Expert Edition while offering a much lower purchase price. Please contact us if you are interested in this product.


INOSIM Viewer (Free)

The INOSIM Viewer is a license type nearly exclusively for viewing simulation results without editing. Simulation, optimization, statistical analysis, and changing parameters is not possible.

Request Free INOSIM Viewer (PDF, 164 KB) License Conditions (PDF, 215 KB)


INOSIM Trial Versions (Free)

We grant interested companies free trial licenses for a limited period of time. Choose which of our software modules you would like to get to know better and try out!

Request Free INOSIM Trial Versions (PDF, 170 KB) INOSIM Free Trial Conditions (PDF, 217 KB)
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