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Our product portfolio covers INOSIM Process Edition, INOSIM Plant Edition, INOSIM Expert Edition, and the cost-effective INOSIM Runtime Edition. As plug-ins for process simulation, we provide INOSIM Gantt, INOSIM Statistical Analyzer, INOSIM Optimizer, and INOSIM CAPE-OPEN Interface. Of all software modules, we grant Free Trial Versions. Furthermore, we offer the free INOSIM Viewer.

INOSIM Process Edition

INOSIM Process Edition

This si­mu­lation tool is ap­plied through­out pro­cess de­ve­lop­ment, en­ab­ling ho­lis­tic de­sign, com­pre­hen­sive op­ti­mi­za­tion and ac­ce­le­ra­ted time to mar­ket of pro­ducts. For each o­pe­ra­tion, INOSIM Process Edition pro­vides a ma­the­ma­ti­cal mo­del for the com­pu­ta­tion of ma­te­ri­al and e­ner­gy ba­lan­ces. Read more ...


INOSIM Plant Edition

INOSIM Plant Edition

This pro­cess si­mu­la­tion has been de­sign­ed for the lo­gis­t­ical and ma­te­ri­al flow a­na­ly­sis of sin­gle- and mul­ti-pro­duct plants. INOSIM Plant Edition needs no pro­gram­ming for ge­ne­ral mo­del buil­ding. The si­mu­la­tion in­cludes con­ti­nu­ous and batch pro­ces­ses as well as a­ny of their com­bi­na­tions. Read more ...


INO­SIM Ex­pert Edi­tion

INOSIM Expert Edition

To ex­perts in pro­cess en­gi­nee­ring, INO­SIM Ex­pert Edi­tion of­fers a broad range of mo­de­ling op­tions in pro­duc­tion, re­search, and de­ve­lop­ment. You can use de­fault re­cei­pes and e­vents, or use a Vi­sual Basic pro­gram­ming en­vi­ron­ment to a­dapt the be­ha­vior of the si­mu­la­tion to your par­ti­cu­lar pur­po­ses. Read more ...

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INO­SIM Gantt dis­plays your plant´s al­lo­ca­tions, to­ge­ther with the pro­ces­ses in­vol­ved, by a Gantt dia­gram. You can sur­vey ex­pe­ri­ments by dif­fe­rent views, com­pare ex­pe­ri­ments, trace the cur­rent state of pro­duc­tion or­ders, and test re­stric­tions. Thus you reach your op­ti­mum ex­pe­ri­ment. Read more ...


INO­SIM Sta­tis­ti­cal A­na­ly­zer

INOSIM Statistical Analyzer

INO­SIM Sta­tis­ti­cal A­na­ly­zer sup­ports you in ma­na­ging un­pre­dic­tab­le pro­duc­tion in­flu­en­ces. These are si­mu­la­ted by sta­tis­ti­cal dis­tr­ibu­tion func­tions. You are en­ab­led to fore­cast fai­lures of u­nits, the a­ging of ma­chi­nes or e­ven ran­dom chan­ges du­ring re­ci­pe e­xe­cu­tion. Read more ...

INOSIM Optimizer

INOSIM Optimizer

INO­SIM Op­ti­mi­zer finds op­ti­mum pro­duc­ti­on and pro­cess con­di­tions. By app­ly­ing ge­ne­ti­cal al­go­rithms, the op­ti­mum pa­ra­me­ter con­stel­la­tion is found to im­prove for in­stance tank di­men­sions, pro­duc­tion or­ders, or ma­chine u­ti­li­za­tion. The op­ti­mi­za­tion re­sult is di­rect­ly ap­plied to your al­rea­dy ex­ist­ing si­mu­la­tion mo­del. Read more ...


INOSIM Cape-Open Interface

INOSIM Cape-Open Interface

Phy­si­cal and ther­mo­dy­na­mi­cal da­ta pools can be ap­plied in INO­SIM for the cal­cu­la­tion of ma­te­ri­al pro­per­ties. A spe­cial in­ter­face al­lows to com­bi­ne our soft­ware with ac­cording ex­ter­nal da­ta­ba­ses. It sup­ports CA­PE-OPEN, a mid­dle­ware stan­dard for the im­port of ther­mo­dy­na­mi­cal ma­te­rial da­ta. Read more ...

Also available:

INOSIM Runtime Edition

The INOSIM Runtime Edition complies with the INOSIM Expert Edition regarding the simulation of models while being strongly restricted regarding model building and adjustment. Already existing simulation models may be loaded but cannot be changed structurally, e. g., neither units can be added nor recipe structures can be changed. Hence, no new simulation models can be generated. However, users can extensively adjust the input parameters of models (recipe parameters, unit parameters, Excel data …) as well as run and evaluate simulations.

The INOSIM Runtime Edition addresses users who wish to apply an already existing simulation model over the life cycle of a plant without exploiting a full license. Typical use cases cover the transfer of models into production for continuous monitoring of a plant, regular application with downstream controlling, or production planning. The models underlying such use cases may be generated or model changes may be supervised either by inhouse simulation experts or by the INOSIM Consulting GmbH.

Within the scope mentioned, the INOSIM Runtime Edition provides the same performance as the INOSIM Expert Edition while offering a much lower purchase price. Please contact us if you are interested in this product.


INOSIM Viewer (Free)

The INOSIM Viewer is a license type nearly exclusively for viewing simulation results without editing. Simulation, optimization, statistical analysis, and changing parameters is not possible.

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INOSIM Trial Versions (Free)

We grant interested companies free trial licenses for a limited period of time. Choose which of our software modules you would like to get to know better and try out!

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