Plant Management with INOSIM Statistical Analyzer   INOSIM Statistical Analyzer
Predicting the Unpredictable

INOSIM Statistical Analyzer simulates variable influences like fluctuating market demands, the approaching of failures, the aging of machines or even random variations in recipe processing. By applying statistical distribution functions to your simulation model, you are enabled to recognize upcoming problems. After having simulated, you are enabled to prevent such trouble by developing an appropriate plant design, or even in later phases you react to problems by adjusting your running production.

By applying multiple simulation runs, INOSIM Statistical Analyzer refers varying influencing values to your production´s simulation model. Important statistical figures are detected, for instance the production rate or the utilization of units. Determine further figures which are important for you, and let INOSIM statistical analyzer calculate them for you.

After simulation, INOSIM Statistical Analyzer you with the evaluated and processed results. By analyzing them, you detect improvements and implement them to your production model. By simulating again, you check the effects of your improvements.

Wide Scope of Application

In production, despite consistent process design, it often happens that varying results are achieved: for example, process times may differ from batch to batch; sometimes a process needs some additional manufacturing steps; or failures interrupt regular recipe execution. In analyzing such unforseeable effects, you are supported by INOSIM Statistical Analyzer.
INOSIM Statstical Analyzer, Display of Computed Beta Distributions

Common use cases are:

  • Unit failures
  • Deviations due to the aging of machines
  • Variations in recipe execution
Simple Analysis

As an integrated plug-in, INOSIM Statistical Analyzer is embedded into your INOSIM simulation application. Hence, you are enabled to apply statistical fluctuations to your already existing simulation model.

INOSIM Statistical Analyzer, Statistical Parameters

Helpful features support your analysis:

  • Optionally, adjust the number of simulation runs.
  • Apply default and/or user-defined criteria for the evaluation of results.
  • You are enabled at any time to interrupt the statistical analysis in order to check out random samples.
Easy Evaluation

By default, INOSIM Statistical Analyzer provides you with the following parameters for the evaluation of executed simulation runs:

  • Duration of the simulated production
  • Total cost of the simulated production

Moreover, defining your own parameters is quite easy. Analyze the effects of your plant´s behavior on:

  • Production rates and product mix
  • Waiting times and delivery reliability
  • Failure frequences and maintenance needs
  • Unit utilization
  • Filling levels of storage tanks
Safe Reproduction

INOSIM Statistical Analyzer, Histogram with Results

When you are simulating random processes, it is always important to keep your results reproducable. The repeatability of simulation runs for diagnostic purposes, for verification, or for further analysis must be given at any time.

INOSIM Statistical Analyzer therefore provides you with reproducable random numbers. So you ensure identical start conditions for the repetition of crucial simulation runs.

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