Optimizing Production with INOSIM Optimizer   INOSIM Optimizer
Optimization in Process Engineering

INOSIM Optimizer is a special application for optimizing your production. It allows you to make use of the simulation in order to find the best operational parameters for each unit and each process step of your highly complex plant. INOSIM Optimizer complements your know-how, supporting your search for optimum production settings. The optimization covers production costs, tank dimensions, sequences of units, or any other parameters of your production..

Optimization is possible with minimum effort, since it relates directly to your existing simulation model. As a result, time and cost are saved.

When complex problems arise, human know-how and overview sooner or later reach their limits. Then INOSIM Optimizer applies genetical algorithms. This allows you to find reliable optimization solutions by justifiable effort.

Define Production Targets

The first steps in the improvement of plants and processes cover the definition of optimization targets and the selection of appropriate parameters. The following features of INOSIM Optimizer support you with these tasks:

  • Target function: Choose your optimization target (e. g., short time of production, low costs, high customer satisfaction).
  • Parameter selection: From your simulation model, gather the parameters to be optimized, for instance choose order sequences or production recipes.
  • Optimization settings: Set the parameter properties of the optimization algorithm, e. g., number of generations, or individuals per generation.
  • Stochastical optimization: Make random events influence your simulation model (e. g., fluctuating raw material prices).

Optimization Parameters

By default, INOSIM Optimizer offers you the optimization parameters Production Recipes and Order Sequence. Furthermore, for optimization you can apply any parameter of your simulation model, from simple numeric values up to the complete plant structure, according to your individual needs.

The well-arranged and user-friendly parameter management function of INOSIM Optimizer provides you with the following options:

  • Selection of parameters from the INOSIM database
  • Assignment of a parameter to an experiment or an order
  • Determination of a parameter as discrete or as continuous
  • Definition of a lower bound and an upper bound for each parameter. Increment definition is also possible.
Finding the Best Solution

After you have set up the optimization, INOSIM Optimizer starts with the detection of the best possible results:

INOSIM Optimizer, Optimization Settings and Start-Dialog

  • A bar chart indicates the progression of your model´s improvements. The bars are showing the range between the best and the worst solution currently found.
  • In case of a stochastical optimization, INOSIM Optimizer integrates even varying influences, evaluating them by means of defined confidence intervals.
Applying the Results

Solutions with concrete, optimized parameter values result from the optimization runs. Directly afterwards, these results are available in the INOSIM database for further use.

INOSIM Optimizer, Optimization Tasks

Once the best solution has been found, you can easily implement it to your simulation model and optimize your plant design. Validate your results afterwards by further simulation.

INOSIM Optimizer, Optimization Results

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