Applying Data Pools with INOSIM Cape-Open Interface   INOSIM Cape-Open Interface
Simulating Thermodynamical Material Data

As the person in charge of production, you need to have exact knowledge about the behavior and properties of your processed materials. Such information becomes easily available through INOSIM Cape-Open Interface, a special tool to integrate our simulation applications with CAPE-OPEN material property data pools.

  • Improve the quality of your simulation model for even more accurate results.
  • Simulate pure substance properties, mixture properties, and phase equilibria.
  • Save time by simply connecting your simulation model with commercially available databases of components and material properties.

Scope of Application

INOSIM Cape-Open Interface extends the process simulation tools of INOSIM by thermodynamical property data and calculation methods from scientific databases. This opens up manifold application options to you:

  • Apply information from the CAPE-OPEN database to determine molar mass, heat capacity, and density while defining components and materials for your simulation model.
  • To parametrize models from the model library, use data from the CAPE-OPEN database for the determination of material data (e. g., boiling temperature and enthalpy of evaporation).
  • Apply rigorous models from the model library which are dependent on the calculation of phase equilibria.
  • Extend your model library by adding self-defined rigorous models. .
Scope of Application

With INOSIM Cape-Open Interface, you integrate all external thermodynamics packages which apply CAPE-OPEN standard 1.0 or 1.1.

An easy workflow integrates the data:

INOSIM Cape-Open Interface, Workflow

For users of the comprehensive and powerful database ProSim Simulis® Thermodynamics, we offer a special property package generator as a plug-in for our simulation tools.
Simulis® Thermodynamics

With ProSim Simulis® Thermodynamics, we are able to offer you one of the biggest thermodynamical and physical databases which are currently available on the market.

  • ProSim Simulis® Thermodynamics already contains the parameters of more than 2000 pure substance components. Further components and parameters can be added or estimated anytime.
  • For the calculation of mixture data and equilibria, manifold calculation methods are provided. Among them are:
    • Equation of state: ARK, PR, LKP, BWRS, PPR78, PPC-Saft
    • Activity coefficients models: NRTL, UNIQUAQ, UNIFAC
    • Electrolytes: Edwards, UNIQUAC electrolytes
Derivation and Mapping

Besides the options to import property data and to calculate phase equilibria, INOSIM Cape-Open Interface also enables the derivation of material data. Possible options are:

  • Derivation due to temperature
  • Derivation due to pressure
  • Derivation due to molar mass or the mole fraction of a component

In life science processing, sometimes it happens that certain components cannot be considered due to the high complexity of bioprocesses. Nevertheless, you can still simulate with INOSIM Cape-Open Interface: Just exclude single thermodynamical components via mapping from the calculation, or use components which you suppose to have similar material data..

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