Surveying the Plant with INOSIM Gantt   INOSIM Gantt
Simulation Results in Graphical View

INOSIM Gantt generates graphical surveys of your unit utilization from the simulation data, using graphical schedules for visualizing your production comprehensively. INOSIM Gantt makes it easy for you to recognize how single order instances are distributed over the units of your plant. The processes involved are displayed within a well-arranged Gantt chart. Hence, at any time, you are provided with a good overview of your simulation results

  • INOSIM Gantt displays the allocations and the filling levels of your units, together with influences caused by failures, maintenance, and shift calendars. Besides, resource allocation is displayed.
  • Define personalized utilization views and compare experiments with each other. Thus you achieve your optimum experiment or optimum schedule easily and fast.
Comprehensive Display

For user-defined periods, INOSIM Gantt displays the sequences of the production by a comprehensive diagram. Process-internal interdependencies as well as interrelations of units and resources are visualized graphically. INOSIM Gantt, Chart Area

  • In the chart area, unit procedures and unit operations are displayed as bars and curves, whereas filling levels and resource allocations are visualized by graphs.
  • The periods displayed by INOSIM Gantt are freely definable. On the one hand you overlook big distances, on the other hand you examine crucial time-spots in full detail.
Evaluation of Simulations

INO­SIM Gantt shows you the unit procedures and unit operations of your simulated production in graphical form. The progression of continuous values (filling levels, resource allocations) is represented by scalable graphs. They enable detailed analysis, using graphical representations of your plant´s unit procedures and unit operations

  • At first, you run a simulation, displaying the results afterwards as a chart in the INO­SIM Gantt window.
  • In the chart, you now see the unit procedures and the unit operations of the simulated orders.
  • INO­SIM Gantt detects critical operations without potential to be shifted forward or backward, identifying them as your model´s bottlenecks.
  • Even failures of units are indicated graphically. Eliminate their causes by changing your simulation model.
Assistance for Your Analysis

A multitude of user-friendly features provides you with the charts´ full benefits:

  • You are enabled to read out the availability of units and the expiry dates of material directly from the chart.
  • Crucial states are indicated graphically, e. g., filling levels of tanks, or the number of available barrels.
  • For unit procedures and unit operations, INO­SIM Gantt fades in detailed information in a configurable special window.
  • Overlaps of several operations on one machine are indicated.
  • INO­SIM Gantt graphically marks interdependencies between recipes and operations.
Customizable Views

Achieve a better comparability of your experiments by generating parallel charts which make differences easily recognizable at one glance.

INOSIM Gantt, Two Diagrams in One View

Furthermore, improve the analysis of your simulation results by using freely definable views. Select the displayed units and graphs and define their order to match your own purposes.

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