Simple Process Simulation with INOSIM Process Edition   INOSIM Process Edition
Process Simulation with Comprehensive Model Library

INOSIM Process Edition is our simulation tool for process engineering. By the help of a comprehensive tool kit which contains pre-defined recipes and models, in a first step you assemble your virtual production. Subsequently, simulation enables you, in production as well as during process design, to completely analyze your production and to test alternatives. Thus, easily and simply you achieve a cost-effective, sustainable, and high-performance production.

INOSIM Process Edition is used throughout process development to achieve holistic process design, comprehensive process optimization, and accelerated time to market.

INOSIM Process Edition simulates continuous and batch processes including their mixed forms.

INOSIM Process Edition provides an extensive model library for process engineering. If required, you can extend this library by your own models for specific use.

Virtual Plant
  • A flowsheet visualizes the plant layout. It contains raw material sources, units, pipes, buffer and storage tanks, waste sinks, and more typical elements.
    INOSIM Process Edition, Flowsheet
  • Materials, energies, and resources describe the raw materials and auxiliaries which are available in the virtual plant.
  • Recipes describe the workflow of the production processes. That may be batch, continuous, or fed-batch steps. Operations can be scheduled as serial, parallel, or in alternative branches.
    INOSIM Process Edition, Production Recipe
  • An order list contains volumes and sequences of production orders. They are suited for single- or multi-product plants.
Flexible Recipe Elements

For recipes, INOSIM Process Edition provides an extensive library of unit operations. Apply simple black-box, shortcut, or rigorous models. Depending on your data you select an appropriate model from the library (e. g., for adsorption: yield or isotherms). Each model provides:

  • A pre-defined recipe structure to describe the unit operation
  • Mathematical models to describe mass and energy balances

The model library contains models for:

  • Conversion: Fermentation, phytoextraction, reaction
  • Cell disruption: Ball mill, homogenizer
  • Phase separation: Filtration, centrifugation, settling, strainer
  • Purification: Extraction, chromatography, ad-/desorption, crystallization
  • Finishing: Freeze drying, UF/DF
  • Miscellaneous: Add, heat/cool, split, evaporate, CIP/SIP, batch distillation
Best Practise Simulation

The simulation considers all frame conditions which are frequent in practice:

  • As nature is subject to fluctuations, the model parameters need not be fixed values, but can also be set to probability functions. For example, INOSIM Process Edition allows to describe variations in the fermentation titer or in the adsorption capacity.
  • Some materials have only limited durabilities, which can be considered within the simulation.
  • Functions for scenario management enable easy experimenting with process alternatives and different production scenarios.
  • An integrated Excel workbook provides additional input options. For example, INOSIM Process Edition allows to apply complex order lists.
  • If required, you extend the simulation by a Visual Basic programming environment, e. g., to vary standard models or to apply customized models
  • A comprehensive output of simulation results provides you with mass and energy balances. Furthermore, detailed information on resource and unit utilization is given. The cost calculation output covers material consumption costs, energy consumption costs, utilization costs, and all other variable production costs.

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