Optimum Material Flow with INOSIM Plant Edition   INOSIM Plant Edition
Optimum Material Flow

INOSIM Plant Edition enables you to keep track of the complex, dynamic process of your production logistics. INOSIM plant edition supports you in creating a failure-free material flow for your production. During your process design as well as in later operational phases, you detect how to organize your logistical processes in a cost-saving, efficient, and failure-free way.

INOSIM Plant Edition simulates the material flow of single and multi-product plants.

INOSIM Plant Edition emulates continuous processes and batch processes including their mixed forms.

INOSIM Plant Edition provides you with a comprehensive tool kit for the display and analysis of material flow and production logistics. If required, you can add a programmable extension.

Virtual Plant
  • A flowsheet visualizes the plant layout. It contains raw material sources, units, pipes, buffer and storage tanks, waste sinks, and more.
    INOSIM Plant Edition, Flowsheet
  • Materials, energies, and resources describe the raw materials and auxiliaries which are available in the virtual plant.
  • Recipes define the workflow of the production processes, be it batch, continuous or fed-batch steps. Operations can be scheduled as serial, parallel, or in alternative branches.
    INOSIM Plant Edition, Production Recipe
  • An order list contains volumes and sequences of production orders. They are suited for single- or multi-product plants.
Manifold Model Elements

INOSIM Plant Edition, Plant Layout with a Sublayout

  • Pools define classes of similar units. INOSIM Plant Edition dynamically selects free units from a pool while executing a master recipe.
  • Lines are linkages of units where products are manufactured in defined consecution.
  • Pipings are connecting units, organizing the material transfers between them.
  • Resources are auxiliaries for the production. These are, for example, staff, energy, or storing space.
  • Shift calendars control availabilities of units and resources, containing working days, holidays, and exceptions.
Detect Failure Sources

With the aid of INOSIM Plant Edition, even in the state of designing a plant, you generate a holistic analysis of the plant's expectable maintenance and failure behavior. This includes:

  • Forecast of statistically distributed failure events by simulation of long periods of operation
  • Identification of the influences that unit failures have on the complete production process
  • Identification and evaluation of maintenance concepts (e. g., spare part situation, standardization of the machinery)
  • Implementation of a database for the planning of maintenance strategies
  • Linking of model parameters (these may be, for example, process times, production rates, demands) with distributional functions to identify real variances

If you wish to extend your models, INOSIM Plant Edition provides you with a user-friendly, flexible programming environment. The editor´s programming language supports Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA, commonly known from Microsoft Excel).

  • Define rules by which the material flow of your plant is controlled flexibly. For example, assign products to certain units, or control the sequence of production.
  • Create your own parameters (e. g., failure data) for the evaluation of simulation runs by the statistical analysis..

Elaborate user documentation, quick support, and tailor-made trainings by experienced engineers will make it easy for you to benefit from INOSIM VBA programming.

Detailed product description (PDF, International A4 Format, 1.359 KB)

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