Design, Analysis, and Optimization with INOSIM Expert Edition   INOSIM Expert Edition
Design, Analysis, and Optimization

With INOSIM Expert Edition, at each phase of design or operation, you analyze your production and logistic processes, playing through alternatives. In doing so, you optionally apply preset operational models which are characteristical in process engineering, customize them if necessary, or you generate own models by yourself. By simulating, you gain information helping you to achieve a cost-effective, sustainable, undisturbed, and profitable production.

INOSIM Expert Edition supports you in designing new processes and plants, as well as in the improvement of already existing processes and plants. Typical simulation tasks are:
  • Reacting to changes in the production requirements (e. g., altered product mix, capacity extensions)
  • Analyzing a production´s resource efficiency or energy efficiency for improved sustainability
  • Generating mass or energy balances (e. g., for scaling up laboratory processes)
  • Simulating unexpected events (e. g., failures, staff drop out, fluctuations in supply and delivery)
Virtual Plant
  • A flowsheet visualizes the plant layout. It contains raw material sources, units, pipes, buffer and storage tanks, waste sinks and more.
    INOSIM Expert Edition, Flowsheet
  • Materials, energy, and resources describe the raw materials and auxiliaries which are available in the virtual plant.
  • Recipes define the workflow of the production processes, be it batch, continuous or fed-batch steps. Operations can be scheduled as serial, parallel or in alternative branches.
    INOSIM Expert Edition, Production Recipe
  • An order list contains volumes and sequences of production orders. They are suited for single product plants or multi-product plants.
Manifold Elements

INOSIM Expert Edition, Plant Layout with a Sublayout

  • Layouts can be arranged into sublayouts to meet the design of even highly complex plants.
  • Pools define classes of similar units. INOSIM Expert Edition dynamically selects units from a pool while executing a master recipe.
  • Lines are linkages of units where products are manufactured in defined consecution.
  • Pipings are connecting units, organizing the material transfers between them.
  • Resources are auxiliaries which are necessary to execute operations (e.g., staff, or energy).
  • Shift calendars control availabilities of units and resources by working days and holidays.
Flexible Recipe Elements

Recipes define the workflow within the production units. INO­SIM Expert Edition provides material flow operations as well as a model library for common unit operations. Each model within the library contains:

  • A pre-defined recipe structure
  • Various models to describe mass and energy balances of the unit operation

Some elements of the model library are:

  • Conversion: Fermentation, chemical reaction
  • Phase separation: Filtration, centrifugation
  • Purification: Extraction, ad-/desorption, chromatography, crystallization
  • Miscellaneous: Add, heat/cool, split, evaporate, CIP/SIP, batch distillation

By its integrated Visual Basic Editor, INO­SIM Expert Edition provides a user-friendly, flexible programming environment which enables you to adjust and extend the behavior of the simulation. The editor´s programming language is compatible to Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

  • Customize existing models from the INO­SIM Expert Edition model library due to your own purposes.
  • Create your own, user-defined models, for example for special material data of your product.
  • Create your own parameters for statistical analysis, for example maintenance and failures.

Elaborate user documentation, quick support, and tailor-made trainings by experienced engineers will make it easy for you to benefit from INO­SIM Expert Edition VBA programming.

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