Preventing Downtimes by Maintenance Management   In process industries, plant availability is a sensitive subject. When a production unit stops due to failure, often the nearby process areas stand still – in the worst case even the complete plant. Immense shortfall costs will regularly follow.

To prevent failures, customarily a regular maintenance of the plant´s units is provided. But which are the optimum maintenance intervals, and what is the best way to integrate them into daily production? Using INOSIM process simulation software will answer such questions.

With the aid of INOSIM, the expected failures of a processing plant can be approximately predicted, thus enabling a holistic maintenance management. To minimize the influences of failures on projected or existings plants, the following steps are executed with INOSIM:
  • Recording of production and failure date (in case of projected plants, data of similar existing plants are used)
  • Generation and validation of the simulation model
  • Simulation and analysis of the plant´s failure scenarios
  • Simulation of failure-related countermeasures, their evaluation and optimization
  • Implementation of the determined maintenance and failure management into real production

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