A Complex Task: Plant Design   With plant design, often questions like these occur:
  • Which capacity is the projected plant about to have?
  • Does it make sense to divide batches into several parts?
  • Which, and how many resources have to be provided?
  • How many employees are necessary?
  • What is the optimum stratification?
  • How can product mixes be easily switched and product portfolio changes be enabled?
In case of bad decisions in the early phase, later project phases will be threathened by production problems and high costs. To prevent that, process simulation is applied. It enables the examination of complex production and logistic processes on screen, running through process alternatives. Finally you will know by which equipment and processes the desired product can be manufactured most cost-efficiently and effectively.

INOSIM process simulation software does not only support you in designing new plants, but also in optimizing existing ones. That may include:

Even in these cases, the simulation model allows a dynamical observation of your plant, exceeding a merely static planning by far. Interdependencies and cause-effect relations within your production come into view, allowing to improve the plant on-screen by selective experimentation. Thus you gain a safe basis for your decisions and investments.

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